The Long Way Home Role Playing Game


Deep Space D-6: The Long WAY HOME

The Long Way Home is a RPG-lite supplement for use with the Deep Space D-6 board game. A Long Way Home begins with your ship stranded in unknown space in the aftermath of the game's ambush. With limited fuel and a failing warp drive, you'll travel through the galaxy, explore strange new worlds, make difficult choices, and ultimately find your way home to the United Earths headquarters. A player sheet tracks your progress, provides ship upgrades, and outlines the traits of your unique crew. 

Each turn, you'll decide where to travel, spending precious fuel to get there. Events and encounters outline the stipulations of combat. Occasionally, you'll be given a choice. These choices can be modified by your crew, skill checks, and previously made choices. 

Requires Deep Space D-6 board game.

The Long Way Home is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Latest Version: 1.22


Size: 8 MB, 75 pages