The UX Trifecta

So, Hunters of Arcfall and now Dragon's Ransom are part of a series of 3 games that focus on User Experience. While all of Tau Leader Games share the same traits, these 3 games will match in complexity, playability and box size. At the core, these games have a unique "table presence" that manifests itself in the card design. The way in which the cards are used are conducive to their function.

In Hunters of Arcfall, dice were meant to be placed on the cards as literal 'hits' to the bounties. In Dragon's Ransom, the cards depict a segment of chains that are used to build chain groupings. While these elements can be replicated in pure text, the actual experience would be vastly different. 

Thematically, these games stretch across the most popular of themes. Sci-Fi, Fantasy and lasty, Mythology. Having these 3 games in your gaming library provide consistent experiences among varying themes and mechanics.