Deep Space D-6 Frequently Asked Questions

Threat Cards

Q: Scout

A: Check for the Scout’s condition after you have resolved all the threats. If another threat activated and caused you to lose hull or shields, lose an additional point of hull or shields.


Q: Do Solar Winds stop the end game from triggering?

A: If the activation of the solar winds has a possibility of destroying your ship (IE: your ship only has 5 or less hull points) then Solar Winds should be played out. Otherwise, Solar Winds can be skipped if it is the last external threat card in the game.


Q: Can I place a die from the scanners, infirmary, or returned section for the Distracted card?

A: You may only place an available unit or a unit that will become available on the next round. Thus the returned section is allowable.


Q: How does the Ourobors Barrier card work?

A: The barrier protects the Ouroboros, meaning you cannot damage the Ouroboros until the Barrier card is eliminated. However, the Barrier can come back into play if it is activated through the threat die rolls. For this reason, the barrier is never discarded. Essentially the only way to damage the Ouroboros is to first destroy the Barrier and then attack the Ouroboros while the Barrier is inactive and or has a chance to activate.


Q: Orbital Cannon

A: It cannot be damaged unless it is the only “external” threat.

Q: For the Advanced Tactics upgrade card, can you re-roll some of your crew or only all of them?

A: You can re-roll any number of your crew, but once you lock any of them in, they cannot be re-rolled.


Q: How much health do the Apex units heal when it’s healing card is activated.

A: 1 Health to a maximum of 4.


Ship Stations

Q: Can the Stasis Beam [Halcyon] be used on ___________?

A: The stasis beam can be used on any external threat. A threat in stasis cannot be activated through a roll of the threat dice, but other effects still occur.


Q: Can the Quantum Cannon [Athena Mk II] be used on a multi-part ship like the Ouroboros or Apex?

A: No.


Q: Can the Commander [Athena Mk II] copy the scanner face of unit rolled in the same round?

A: Yes. You can use this to create more threats if you’re feeling strong.

General Gameplay

Q: Some cards have a small circle symbol in the bottom right corner. What are these for?

A: These cards are for the Ouroboros final boss encounter. Please see the inside cover of the game box for instructions on how to use the Ouroboros cards


Q: Are the Drones considered units on the AG-8 ship?

A: Yes. Whenever a threat requires you to send a unit to the infirmary, you must send a drone if there are no other available units.


Q: What are the differences between the 1st and 2nd printing (reissue)?

A: The following are the changes between the two version:

  • Revised Rulebook

The new rulebook contains extra card clarifications that were absent in the first printing rulebook.

Page 10, where it currently has a "Notes" page, three more special threats are listed:

Solar Winds - Place this card above all the external threats. It cannot be attacked.

Meteoroid - The effect occurs whether it destroyed itself or it was defeated.

Hijackers - You may complete this threat as an external threat or away mission.

Lastly, one more step is added to the setup page to help players who may have missed the text on the inside cover:

Page 1, Setup. Another bullet point is added to the list: Optionally: set up the Ouroboros final encounter (see inside cover).

  • Ouroboros Final Encounter Card Revisions

The Ouroboros cards have been rebalanced and tweaked to create a more rewarding and manageable final encounter. 

  • Core - Destroying the core destroys the whole ship. No longer regenerates health. Instead, on a 6: Send a unit to the infirmary

  • Barrier - Now protects the entire Ouroboros. Health is now 2, down from 3. Ability remains unchanged.

  • Missile Array - No longer activates on 6

  • Hydra Cannons - Both of them no longer activate on 6

  • Attack Matrix - Remains unchanged

PLEASE NOTE: The expansion will come with cards to replace the affected Ouroboros cards from the first edition game. Meanwhile, the 2nd printing will include these in the base game from the start, therefore if you get the base game + expansion, you will have extra cards.