The best games are the ones you can get to the table

Our approach to games

All of the sudden board games were awesome again. We were making train routes and hiring workers to get resources. As you might have noticed, the board game industry has been growing hand over fist exponentially each year. Games are getting bigger, flashier and a whole lot more complex. 

But something was amiss. There was disharmony in the user experience and the gameplay. So we're trying something different. We're aiming for games that are intuitive. Games that take advantage of the tabletop format in the way only a tabletop game can provide. 

Tau Leader Games projects share common traits:

  • Designed with User Experience in mind

  • Unique gameplay mechanics

  • Premium Artwork

  • Fully realized worlds

  • At least a little humor

Designed with User Experience in mind

The goal of a good user experience is to both establish and invoke a behavior or emotion from a game. This is something primarily found in artwork and graphic design. More subtly, it's rolling thirteen dice at once and holding your breath as the symbols appear. It's being able to look at a game in progress and understanding at least the fundamentals of how to play. A good UX let's you jump right into the game and prevents rules from bogging down the fun.

Gameplay that produces excitement

For some people, excitement is just another word for increasing the luck factor. Probability will always be an inherent aspect of board games, but how and when you implement it can change how you view luck in games. Simply put, Tau Leader Games doesn't make puzzles. Decisions always come after the random elements with exceptions to escalated gameplay moments.

Premium Artwork

Each piece of art should tell a story on its own. Tau Leader Games is committed to working with professional artists. For us, board games are not a 'second rate' avenue for artists, and our work with them should reflect that. 

Fully realized worlds

We like to let imagination take over, but we won't leave it  without anything to work with. Our games will have character and that character will have characters. If at the end of playing one of our games, you can tell a story, we'll have succeeded. 

At least a little humor

I'm just trying to make you laugh.